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Cowpea [ चवळी शेंग ]


Fruit Vegetables

1 Pack = 250 Gm

  • MRP Price 30
  • Discount Price 25
  • You Save : 17% (Inclusive of all taxes)
  • Standard Delivery Time: 12.00 PM to 06.00 PM .
  • Material Description :
    • Tender, crispy and sweet tasting green cowpea beans have a succulent and pale flesh.
    • These long and slender beans contain lime green peas.
    • They are also known as black-eyed peas and lobia.
  • Material Facts :
    • Cowpea Beans are most commonly used in curries and rice.
    • Can be sauteed, deep fried and stir fried.
  • Material Benefits :
    • Cowpea beans maintain standard cholesterol levels and control blood cholesterol.
    • They treat stomach and pancreatic problems, urination and bowel related problems.
    • They are good for weight loss, skin and hair health.
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