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Bottle Shape Brinjal [ भरीत वांगी ]


Fruit Vegetables

1 Pack = 1 Pc

  • MRP Price 35
  • Discount Price 19
  • You Save : 46% (Inclusive of all taxes)
  • Standard Delivery Time: 12.00 PM to 06.00 PM .
  • Material Description :
    • Brinjal Purple Bharta has glossy skin and comes in wide range of shapes and sizes.
    • The flesh is creamy and spongy with numerous tiny, smooth edible seeds.
  • Material Facts :
    • Brinjals are a prominent part of Indian dry and gravy curries.
    • Also used in lentil soups , stews and rice items.
    • Can be roasted, grilled, baked and stir-fried.
    • Look up the popular Vaangibath recipe.
  • Material Benefits :
    • Brinjal Bharta is low in calories and extremely rich in dietary fiber and many phytonutrient compounds & antioxidants.
    • They are also rich in B-complex vitamins and contains many necessary minerals like manganese & potassium and a fine amount of water content.
    • Purple Brinjals contain high amounts of anthocyanins which protect the body from health risks like inflammation and neurological diseases.
    • These improve the flexibility of blood vessels, resulting in improved blood circulation.
    • It effectively treats enlarged spleen caused due to malaria. It helps in keeping blood sugar under control, lowers cholesterol and improves the digestive system.
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