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Carrot [ गाजर ]


Fruit Vegetables

1 Pack = 500 Gm

  • MRP Price 38
  • Discount Price 19
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  • Material Description :
    • Considered sweeter than other carrots, Red Carrots contain more of a pigment called lycopene which is also present in tomatoes.
    • A popular sweet-tasting root vegetable, carrots are narrow and cone shaped.
    • They have thick, fleshy, deeply colored root, which grows underground, and feathery green leaves that emerge above the ground.
    • While these greens are fresh tasting and slightly bitter, the carrot roots are crunchy textured with a sweet and minty aromatic taste.
    • Fresho brings you the flavour and richness of the finest red, crispy and juicy carrots.
  • Material Facts :
    • Carrots have a mild, pleasant flavour that is great by themselves or blended with other foods.
    • They are even good for stuffings and in making sauces.
    • Carrot juice is said to be one of the most healthiest drink.
    • Carrot halwa is the most popular Indian sweet made out of this vegetable.
    • Do look up carrot jam as well.
  • Material Benefits :
    • Carrots provide the highest content of vitamin A of all the vegetables.
    • Brightly orange colored carrots have pigments like carotenoids and flavonoids, that provide several antioxidants and act as a defense against cancer.
    • They aid in maintaining oral health and also decrease the risk of stroke and other heart diseases.
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