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Onion [ कांदा ]


Root Vegetables

1 Pack = 1 Kg

  • MRP Price 35
  • Discount Price 30
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  • Material Description :
    • Onion is a vegetable which is almost like a staple in Indian food.
    • This is also known to be one of the essential ingredients of raw salads.
    • They come in different colors like white, red or yellow and are quite in demand in cold salads and hot soups.
    • You can dice, slice or cut it in rings and put it in burgers and sandwiches.
    • Onions emit a sharp flavor and fragrance once they are fried; it is due to the sulphur compound in the vegetable.
  • Material Facts :
    • Onions are known to be rich in biotin.
    • Most of the flavonoids which are known as anti-oxidants are concentrated more in the outer layers, so when you peel off the layers, you should remove as little as possible.
    • Onions, like garlic, are also rich in sulphur compounds.
    • Onions are known to contain manganese, copper, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and dietary fibers along with phosphorus, folate and copper.
  • Material Benefits :
    • Onions are known to have antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibiotic properties which help you to get rid of infections.
    • If a piece of onion is inhaled, it can slow down or stop nose bleeding.
    • Those who have sleeping disorders or insomnia can have a good night sleep if they have an onion every day.
    • Onions also help to improve the functions of the digestive system; because it releases the digestive juices and cures any problem related to digestion.
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