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Amaranthus-Green [ हिरवा राजगीरा ]


Leafy Vegetables

1 Pack = 1 Bunch

  • MRP Price 25
  • Discount Price 15
  • You Save : 40% (Inclusive of all taxes)
  • Standard Delivery Time: 12.00 PM to 06.00 PM .
  • Material Description :
    • A highly nutritious leafy vegetable, Amaranthus is also known as Chinese spinach.
    • They are available in light purple, green or a bicolour of the two.
  • Material Facts :
    • Consumed in the form of stir-fries, soups, gravies, simmered dishes, daal and curries.
  • Material Benefits :
    • Amaranthus is an excellent source of elements like foliate, calcium, phosphorous, Vitamin C, A and a powerhouse of Iron.
    • It helps in relieving a wide variety of oral problems like mouth ulcers, sore throat, bad breath and swollen gums.
    • Regular consumption helps in easing digestion, excessive menstruation and weight management.
    • The leaves are also deemed to be an effective measure against hair loss, skin problems and premature greying.
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